3/2 Tuesday Evening Insights – Post #4

We’re getting reports of lots of positives… and at the same time, more negatives than one would wish to hear. 

On the positive side, our main supplier of logs is sharing that they could be ready to begin harvest and shipments of logs again as early as next week (and actually starting tomorrow in some areas); good news for us.

On the negative, we’re hearing that many manufacturers of blocks, blanks, and other forms of raw material/products may not be online for 45-plus days: please note this is not confirmed.  This certainly speaks to the effect that many feel the catastrophe might have on our industry.

On the unknown, still not enough information on roads, ports, and other infrastructure; we’re working with our supplier-partners non-stop to get better insight into how this all might affect our ability to ship to the states.

As a result of both the negatives and the unknowns, we believe a best possible, proactive approach is to work with our current customers to prepare your next 60-90 days in projections and/or purchases, under your normal purchasing patterns.

We’re hoping that this will help give both organizations as much insight as possible, to:

1) Provide our customers with as accurate as possible information in regards to orders going forward, and

2) Help Windsor Mill manage its raw material flow, and possible procurement outside of our own Chilean plants.

Should you have an interest in this joint-venture approach, please work directly with your Sales Director (Sean, Tony, or Carl) and Executive Account Manager (Jan) to coordinate.

Conference call set for tomorrow morning with USA manufacturing teams to discuss domestic raw material procurement strategy and opportunities.  Will report back on that later.

As always, I’m available to speak to anyone directly via my contact info here: About.



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