Another Chile Quake…

Not too much damage done, and none to our ForAction plant… 

USA Today Report

ForAction team reported back safely to us today, including our stateside team (Ruben and Jerry) that are in Chile now, working with Marcelo (GM), to finish updating components of our primary & secondary automated wood processing equipment.

USA Today Report was sent to me via – cool concept.  It’s worth a click…  Let Your Builders Be Known.

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Chile Can’t Catch a Break

7.2 “aftershock” hit Chile this morning.  As a reference, the Haiti quake was a 7.0.

ForAction mill is fine, we made it through okay.  No news yet if this there’s any impact on the road and/or port situations; Marcelo was in Concepcion at the time of the quake, and is currently heading South to investigate, he’ll report back this evening.

3/8 Insights: ForAction People, Coronel Port

Some great news from Marcelo (ForAction GM) today:

“People : Today is coming to work 90% of the people, we are cleaning and organize the mill and the lumbers. 4 people lost all the houses ( burning ).  Today in my truck I get food to lunch for 1 week for all the people.  Nobody hurt, nobody died.”

Marcelo also reports that the Coronel has begun operating, and that he’s working towards alternate routes for delivery from ForAction to the port.

Here’s a “bulletin” that we received yesterday from our insurance carrier:

CSL Bulletin

More to come tomorrow…

3/8 Insights: Plant, Roads, Ports

As you’re aware, supply from Chile for WindsorONE production is influenced by three main factors: plant condition, road conditions, port conditions.

ForAction (FA) Plant Update: In short, we should be manufacturing again beginning of next week.  Following is detail as reported by Kevin:

“Power to the mill: The power company believes that the power will be restored to FA by Wednesday.  We will bring the mill up in sections and deal with issues as they surface.  There is a good chance that the mill will be “powered up” by Monday (March 15).

Water to the mill: OK

Boiler: The replacement fire brick and cement (high temperature adhesive) are scheduled to be in Concepcion on Wednesday.  The contractor will complete the job on Thursday (1 day) leaving Friday and the weekend for it to dry completely.  They will pressure test the boiler tubes with air at the same time.  If there are no other unforeseen issues, the boiler should be ready to go by Monday (March 15) as well.

Miscellaneous jobs such as final alignment on the FJ that moved, re-alignment of one of the molders that shifted, fallen units re-stacked, kiln doors that had fallen off placed back on their track, re-piping of the Boiler water softener, etc, should be completed by early next week as well.”

Continuing the updates…

Road Conditions: We’re spending time finding workarounds for getting trucks to port; current possibility is approx 4 times further than then normal route, but we need to verify that several roads are passable by loaded truck.  Lengthy, yes; yet still good news if workable.

Region VIII Ports: No updates today from on-the-ground team in Chile regarding Coronel, nor San Vicente.  Many of you have e-mailed as to the stats of the Port of Talcahuano, and yes, it appears to have sustained substantial damage. 

Domestic Sourcing: Previously posted fiber purchases begin arriving this week, which we will process and evaluate as soon as possible.

Lastly, I’m hoping towards the end of this week we’ll be able to determine exactly if or when holes in supply might affect your purchases of WindsorONE.  While still a combination of our ability to ship from ForAction (roads and ports unknown, plant status known), and what we’ll be able to procure domestically, we’re hoping to provide a more concrete report.

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3/6 Insights: Coronel Port to Open?

Yesterday, Kevin, Ruben, and Marcelo were able to make it to the Coronel port.  Here’s a picture they sent, condition appears good:

We were also able to speak to a former employee and friend that now works at the Coronel port (he was there yesterday).  He shared that it looks like they’ll be back online Monday, and able to ship!  Great news of course, let’s hope it happens.  Our friend is also going to check on the status of the containers we have at the port, and let us know their condition.

No new updates on road status.

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3/4 Thursday Evening Insights – Post #6

Reporting smaller amount of info tonight.  Team in Chile spent time working in mill today, so we’ll be catching up with them over the weekend.  Expect more news ready for Monday morning reading.

Our network of people helping us understand the state of Chile includes two of our USA Manufacturing Team key members (Kevin and Ruben), the Foraction management team, supplier-partners of our log supply, business operation partners (legal, accounting, security, etc), and an extensive network of friends and family living in Chile, from a close friend of my Father’s.  We have great “on the ground” intel, and feel good about what we’re learning.

No luck in the Team getting to ports today; no new news.  Same for road status.

Continue to get more positive news about power, water, etc being restored; military seems to be helping in this regard.  LOTS of damage throughout the country though, will take a long time to get Chile back to where she was.

Colleagues in industry all feel this will take 45 days or so before material really starts flowing again.  Not the end of the world.

Success in getting a little bit more domestic material for USA Operations, which we’ll start running next week in trials.

I know it’s been a busy week for ALL of us.  I’ve heard from many of you, but if you’ve been slammed yourself and haven’t had a chance to ask any questions you might have for me, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail over the weekend… I’ll be at office playing catch up myself!

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