3/4 Thursday Evening Insights – Post #6

Reporting smaller amount of info tonight.  Team in Chile spent time working in mill today, so we’ll be catching up with them over the weekend.  Expect more news ready for Monday morning reading.

Our network of people helping us understand the state of Chile includes two of our USA Manufacturing Team key members (Kevin and Ruben), the Foraction management team, supplier-partners of our log supply, business operation partners (legal, accounting, security, etc), and an extensive network of friends and family living in Chile, from a close friend of my Father’s.  We have great “on the ground” intel, and feel good about what we’re learning.

No luck in the Team getting to ports today; no new news.  Same for road status.

Continue to get more positive news about power, water, etc being restored; military seems to be helping in this regard.  LOTS of damage throughout the country though, will take a long time to get Chile back to where she was.

Colleagues in industry all feel this will take 45 days or so before material really starts flowing again.  Not the end of the world.

Success in getting a little bit more domestic material for USA Operations, which we’ll start running next week in trials.

I know it’s been a busy week for ALL of us.  I’ve heard from many of you, but if you’ve been slammed yourself and haven’t had a chance to ask any questions you might have for me, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail over the weekend… I’ll be at office playing catch up myself!

In Solidarity,


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