3/8 Insights: ForAction People, Coronel Port

Some great news from Marcelo (ForAction GM) today:

“People : Today is coming to work 90% of the people, we are cleaning and organize the mill and the lumbers. 4 people lost all the houses ( burning ).  Today in my truck I get food to lunch for 1 week for all the people.  Nobody hurt, nobody died.”

Marcelo also reports that the Coronel has begun operating, and that he’s working towards alternate routes for delivery from ForAction to the port.

Here’s a “bulletin” that we received yesterday from our insurance carrier:

CSL Bulletin

More to come tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “3/8 Insights: ForAction People, Coronel Port

  1. It sounds like the port at Talcahuano will be closed for a longer period of time than other ports – how much of an impact will this have on the export business from Chile?

  2. Apologize for missing this comment Rob…

    Certainly they question you’re asking is the important one, but I’m not sure that any of us have that information right now. I believe the answer will depend upon the other ports’ ability to handle the additional volume.

    We’ll continue to report our success in getting out containers, and hopefully this will provide some insight for yourself and others.

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