Making Up Lost Revenue from the “Tough Two”

So, here’s the Big Idea…

Attend the Supergenius Conference with us, and you’ll walk away with a BOATLOAD of ideas that will help you increase your revenue throughout 2010, and beyond.

We did from the last one we attended; as did Ganahl Lumber, Riverhead Building Supply, Dunn Lumber, Jackson Lumber and Evanston Lumber.

Heck, as proof of that, they invited us to speak about WindsorONE as a “case study” success this go around.  Go figure, WindsorONE along side of Dell, National Geographic, and Maker’s Mark.  Okay… well, maybe myself and Maker’s Mark makes sense.

Conference is July 20th in NYC.  Passes aren’t cheap, but you don’t need to worry about that since we’re buyin’.

Of course, this is for W1 Dealers only; yourself and a colleague or two, pending the response we get.  Gaspedal shared they’d work on a group rate for us, but we’re limited on the number of people.

Hit me via e-mail to confirm your spot:

In Solidarity,


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