Bring It On IRENE!

Certainly many of you have heard of Hurricane IRENE; currently in the Bahamas, and on its way to the East Coast.

We’re not afraid, child’s play compared to the Chile Quake!

Up-to-date info can be found HERE.

It’s possible that IRENE will hit North Carolina at a Level III, but down to a II as it approaches Virginia.

We are going to play it smart (code word for “safe”).

We’ll be pushing up some trucks that were supposed to ship next week, and they’ll ship end of this week before the storm hits.  In addition, we won’t be operating Monday and Tuesday, which will include a full power shutdown (safety).

We do have some raw material being held at Freeport in the Bahamas (until storm passes), however, there’s plenty of fiber at the Surry, VA plant to cover orders for multiple weeks.

All-in-all, things look good for Windsor Surry Operations; but let’s hope damage is minimal for homeowners’ across the East Coast that might be affected.

Should anything change, I’ll be sure to make another post to this Blog.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly w/ any questions:, mobile is 707-321-8889.

In Solidarity,


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