Price Sheets Live

W1 Dealers:

Price Sheets with the 7%-8% increase have been completed; you’ll hear from Jan Hull and/or your Sales Director possibly this evening or tomorrow some time. 

(I say “possibly” b/c those of you in the Northeast might have a delay given that Sean Pasell’s house is almost under water, he’s in Westerly, RI; for those of you looking for extra credit, stop by his place and help the guy sand-bag!)

The day-long delay in getting the price lists out is completely my fault, for that I apologize.  And we still have not had time to re-do the Molding Price Sheets, which should be completed in the next day or so.

Please don’t hesitate to hit me via e-mail ( this evening should you need a copy of W1 Board pricing right away.

In Solidarity,

Craig (707-321-8889)

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