Mention + WOMM Book = Friday Promo

We just got a mention on Andy Sernovitz’s Blog:

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Mr. Sernovitz is the author of the excellent “Word of Mouth Marketing Book” – and he’s one of the most well respected word-of-mouth marketers, consulting for big brands like Bosch, Hitachi, Dell and HP.

Great to read this morning that Andy feels we’re on the right path with “W1 Insights: The Flynn Report!”

Leave a comment below, or drop me an e-mail (, and I’ll send you a copy of Andy’s Book; and past that, if you come up with a cool word-of-mouth marketing campaign, we’ll help you sponsor it! (fr W1 Dlrs)

Perhaps we’ll be able to work together to make up some lost sales?



2 thoughts on “Mention + WOMM Book = Friday Promo

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  2. I was just mentioning to an industry peer yesterday how useful a “progress blog” could be (although in her case, it’s happy progress: she’s building her third store) in giving her clientele “ownership” in the new location, sparking word-of-mouth, even making the owner seem a bit more accessible and approachable, since with 3 shops now, she’ll be losing some of that one-on-one contact her customers crave.

    I salute you for your blog…and yes, Andy led me here. Best wishes to your company, your industry, and of course, Chile.

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