BOOM! Here Comes the Fiber!

Surry, VA Plant: Boats are still on schedule to arrive into ports this evening, and unload in the morning.  All containers have been cleared and trucks will be standing by to pick up as soon as containers are off-loaded.  We have raw material for three weeks of WindsorONE production due to arrive between this evening and Friday evening; and we currently have an additional six weeks of raw material on the water.

The Surry, VA Crew will be coming in tomorrow, and working through the weekend so that we may begin to ship WindsorONE next week, at 100% capacity.

Surry, VA plant raw material pipeline is full and intact!

Willits, CA Plant: Currently manufacturing, will be a few loads short in shipments this week, and back to 100% capacity of WindsorONE shipments next week. 

Willits, CA plant raw material pipeline is full and intact! 

Our ForAction team in Chile is running strong, and we expect no future disruptions in their supply.

We’ll be playing “W1-order-catch-up” over the next few weeks, yet looking forward to a return to normal shortly thereafter.

In Solidarity,


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