The Core Customer

We were fortunate through the Chile 8.8 quake; we didn’t lose a customer.

It’s a testament to the win-win business relationships our customers have enabled us to work towards strengthening with them over the years.

Too many organizations seem to forget that their most valuable asset is their core customer group; we understand it, very well, and will continue to be exceptionally committed to W1 Core Customers.

For that reason, we continue to utilize the majority of our resources into growing our current customers’ business.

Though I keep thinking to myself…

  • What if we just stopped looking for new customers all together?
  • What if we put 100% of our time and resources into growing our current customers’ business?
  • What if we ran customized word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for all dealers, in efforts to increase their W1 volume and margin?

Would our core customers then tell their colleagues, “You’re making a mistake not to do business with Windsor Mill.”

Certainly that type of referral would be an extremely effective way to build one’s business.

What say you?

[edit: unforunately, we did lose one customer, and we wish that former dealer a strong remainder of the 2010 business year]

One thought on “The Core Customer

  1. The two-way street of open and honest communication is such an important part of building a successful business relationship of which this tool is a giant step. Another piece of the equation is that the communication reaches the depths of all the need to know organizations so all parties communicate the same defined message. There-in is the challenge, we must not get so busy that we forget to pass what we have learned/read along to those who need to know. Thanks, Craig, keep the communication flowing you are doing your part, all of us receiving this need to do ours as well.

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